Hello, I am Dr Shivangi Aggarwal: parenting and health blogger, and a homoeopathic consultant for child diseases.


My goal is to help millenial parents raise a HEALTHY child ; a child who is both physically and emotionally healthy.

Giving equal importance to the emotional quotient of health is what I recommend for raising a COMPLETELY healthy child.

Welcome to my blog and I am glad you’re here.

Why I stress on emotional health?

Let me ask you a question!

What do you mean by a healthy child? OR How do you know that your child is healthy?

Majority of you will say….

A healthy child is one who eats well, has the right weight, right height and no disease. 

Umm! You aren’t wrong, but what if your child cries or throws tantrums at every little instance? (not SOMETIMES which is perfectly OK)

What if he constantly hits his peers? Or talks rudely to you?

I would not call such a child as ill-mannered, but UNHEALTHY! Because these mannerisms stem from deep-rooted emotional upheavel.

And the way you tackle these issues with your child will leave a profound effect on his emotional state.

Therefore, I always recommend parents to use POSITIVE COMMUNICATION to handle their child’s wrong behaviour.

With this mission to empower the parents with RIGHT WAYS to communicate with their children, I created this blog space.

Here, you will find:

2665 - About Us Tips to communicate with your child without yelling/shouting

2665 - About Us  How to contribute to your child’s health and psychological development

2665 - About Us What are the right nutrients for your child and easy ways to give them

2665 - About Us  Healthy recipes for your child

2665 - About Us  Tips on mother and family health (self-care is important too)

1F50A - About UsI also recommend:

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So, gear up to RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD and give him a future he will love.


I have my helping hands too!

Besides myself, two wonderful people help you in this MISSION to RAISE HEALTHY KIDS.

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