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What’s for you on this blog?

“Mom and Me” is a go-to-guide for all your parenting needs. Whether you need help to deal with difficult child behaviour, tips on child health and nutrition, or how to develop a beautiful parent-child relationship, we have you covered.

People say that raising a child in the right way is a challenge today! Why?

That’s because you had an entirely different childhood than your children.

Today’s children are surrounded by modern technology, social media, smartphones, and violence. Thus, they grow up in a world that’s entirely different from what it was of their parents.

This makes you clueless on how to handle mobile phone addiction, how to control your child’s tantrums, how to make him eat healthy food, instil discipline and values in him, deal with drugs and other bad habits in teenagers, and many such issues.

But, now, you have found us, and thus, a solution to your problems.

You will find the most practical parenting tips on this blog:

  • Tips to bond and connect with your child in a positive way
  • How to strengthen your parent-child relationship
  • Parent’s role in child health and psychological development, so you raise physically and emotionally healthy kids.
  • Guidance towards the right nutrients to give to your child and easy ways to do so
  • Tips on mother’s and family health

Come, be a part of this community where you not only learn but can also interact and share your views with the authors of the blog. You can share your valuable comments on every post and let this blog grow and help each parent in the world.

So, gear up to overcome your parenting challenges in the right way and cherish a lifelong and beautiful bond with your child. Give your child a future he will love.


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Who are your helping hands in parenting?

So, who is giving you all these tips you read on this blog?

Here’s a sneak peek into the souls of the blog:

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Dr Shivangi Aggarwal, homoeopathic consultant for child diseases, parenting and health blogger, Founder of the blog

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Dr Vinita Vashist, practicing dietician and nutritionist, writes on kids nutrition on the blog

Our Visiting Guest on Blog

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Dr Sonam Sharma, a practicing homoeopathic medical professional, guest content writer on the blog

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