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Hello, I am Dr Shivangi Aggarwal, a homoeopathic child specialist and a parenting blogger.

No, I am not a parenting expert. But, I have been into the practice of medicine for 10 years, a journey which has taught me a lot about the hardships of a parent.

Parenting is hard, harder than yesteryears. Raising a child is no child’s play.

Today’s children are surrounded by social media, smartphones, junk food, and a volcano of information on the net. Thus, they grow up in a world that’s entirely different from what it was of their parents.

This poses a greater difficulty with today’s parents. Parents today are clueless on how to handle mobile phone addiction, how to control their child’s tantrums, how to make him eat healthy food, instil discipline and values in him, deal with drugs and other bad habits in teenagers, and many such issues.

This is even more scary! If parents shout, scold or spank their children to instil good in them, kids reciprocate the same to them.

So, What will you find here?

Answers to all the problems you face while raising your kids! Be it their health issues, nutrition, behaviour or parent-child relationship problems, we are there for you! “Mom and Me” will be your companion to gently overcome all the challenges you face in raising a modern-day child.

Because this is what we believe in: PARENTING NEED NOT BE HARD, NEED NOT BE HARSH.

Kids do not have to be just raised but brought up in a healthy way, both physically and emotionally.

With our practical parenting tips, you can connect with your child and guide him towards the right easily.

For ease of navigation, the blog is divided into the following categories:

  • Gentle Parenting Tips: How-Tos for various parenting issues
  • Kids Health and Wellness: Dealing with common health issues of children
  • Kids Nutrition: The Nutrition guide for today’s children
  • Healthy Recipes: Easy and tried kids-friendly recipes
  • Parent Behaviour: The mistakes parents make while raising their children
  • Parent-child Relationship: Parent-child relationship problems and their solutions
  • Mother’s Health and Nutrition: Health and nutrition guide for would-be and young mothers

So, come, be a part of this community where you will not only learn but also get an opportunity to interact and share your views with us. You can share your valuable comments on every post and let this blog grow and help each parent in the world.

So, get ready to change your belief about parenting; to cherish a lifelong and beautiful bond with your child. Give your child a future he will love.

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