With every season change, you worry about your child’s health. Because that’s the time when children fall sick more often; the cold, cough, fever, and sore throat are on the rise.

Don’t you secretly yearn to have some SUPER NATURAL POWERS to help you banish sickness from your child’s life? That too altogether?

Well, that’s possible only in our dreams. 1F609 - How to boost immune system in children naturally

In real life, we, the MOTHERS can’t stop the season change. We can’t prevent our children from falling sick altogether!

However, there’s ONE thing you can.

“Boost immune system in your children.

Boosting the child’s immunity will decrease the episodes of illness, keep him healthy throughout the year, and cut down on your visits to the paediatrician.

By the way,

Have you chosen a right paediatrician for your child? Check here with these tips!

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So, let’s quickly know the SMART steps to boost the immune system in children


10 Steps to Boost Immune System

1. Breastfeed your baby as long as you can

Your baby is born with a natural immunity. He gets protection from the germs through antibodies received through the placenta.

However, this protection diminishes after birth. It’s the mother’s milk that provides him the antibodies to supplement and strengthen his immature immune system.


Colostrum, the thin yellow milk that flows from the breasts for few days after birth is specially rich in disease-fighting antibodies.

~ Dr Shubin, American Academy of Paediatrics

Therefore, breastfeed your baby exclusively for 6 months and continue till you can (I recommend at least 2 years)

*TIP: For a good supply of breastmilk infused with antibodies, you must watch what you eat while lactating. Here’s a post describing it in detail.

2. Practice good hygiene

“Tell me something I don’t know. I always ask my child to wash his hands after he comes home from playing. And even I do the same.”

Yes, yes, I know that. But I have a point.


Just washing hands is not enough. You must know the correct method to wash as well. I highlight this here in this post. I talk about 4 simple ways to inculcate the habit of hand washing in your child. Read it here.

*You will also find a small diagram that details “When to wash hands” in the above post.

When outdoors, always carry a sanitizer or disposable wet wipes, so that you need not compromise on your hygiene if soap and water are not available.

Hand sanitizer

Besides washing hands, you must ensure proper and regular cleaning of the floors, kitchen slabs, tiles, bathroom sink, and door handles. These are the areas where germs thrive the most and your kids use the most.

House cleaning tips:

  • Use a disinfectant liquid to clean the areas rather than plain water or detergent.
  • Use a clean, plain and dry cloth to wipe the slabs, tiles, and sink after cleaning. Do not leave them damp as this invites the germs.
Disinfectant liquid for house cleaning

3. Look what the child eats

An old saying, “You are what you eat” seems apt here. Food not only curbs your hunger, it strengthens you too! And this strength is hidden in our fruits and veggies.

So, ensure your child eats at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day.


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4. Ensure meals on time

‘When to eat’ is equally critical as ‘what to eat’. Make sure you prepare your child’s meals at almost the same hour each day. This strengthens his inner immunity and makes him less prone to the diseases.

5. Keep him well-hydrated

Ah! Water is never considered a nutrient. It’s only a liquid to quench your thirst.

If you are of this opinion, think again!

Water helps in the normal functioning of the kidneys which excrete the waste products and keep the body metabolism at its supreme. This is essential for all the organs to function normally.

Water is the best food to boost immune system.


So, make your child drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

If the child resists water, let him have fresh coconut water or freshly prepared fruit juice of his choice.

6. Give an afternoon nap

Adequate sleep insures optimal metabolism and immunity to fight the GERMS.


Besides the bedtime at night, encourage your child to take an hour of afternoon nap after coming back from school.

If that’s not feasible in account of the school timings, send him to bed early at night. Ensure he gets 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep.

7. Time for physical activity

An hour of physical activity in the open air is essential for your child’s overall fitness and health. It increases immunity in children naturally.

And this has become more important in today’s context when majority kids love staying indoors hooked to their screens and video games.


Thus, encourage your kids to engage in fun-filled outdoor games of their choice like cycling, basketball, cricket, etc.

*TIP: Encouragement starts from you. So, if you are health-conscious and exercise daily, children automatically get inspired to follow your footsteps.

8. Banish second-hand smoke

If you, spouse or any family member has the habit of smoking, quit immediately. You not only harm yourself, but also your child.

Cigarette smoke can irritate or kill the cells of the immune system. And kids are more susceptible to the smoke than the adults.

So, decide whether you wish to be a SAVIOUR or the MURDERER of your child’s immune system.

9. Welcome Probiotics

Probiotics are the food items containing the “live” and “good” bacteria to help your gut health and boost immune system.

Research shows that probiotics help balance the “good” and “bad” bacteria in the body, thus, keeping the body work the way it should.


Youghurt is the richest and natural source of Probiotics for your child. Consider giving him a bowl daily.

*TIP: Fresh youghurt can be given daily to your child, even in winters without the risk of cold and flu. Add your child’s favourite fruits to enhance the taste.

10. Be wise in consulting the doctor

I know how it feels when your child complains of a runny nose or shows a slight mercury elevation on the thermometer.

You just rush to consult the doctor. But, my question is “Is it always necessary?”

I don’t think so.

Confused? Then, read this post about when to consult the doctor!

And even if you do, is it important to get an antibiotic prescribed each time?

Antibiotics only cure illnesses caused by the bacteria, while majority of cold and flu occur from the VIRUSES.

Nowadays, most doctors resist from prescribing antibiotics if they are not necessary. They know that careless prescribing of antibiotics leads to their resistance. (which is more harmful than infection itself).

But end up prescribing one mostly on the urge of parents. Because parents mistakenly think that antibiotics can’t hurt.

However, this is the truth about antibiotics which you must know of.

So, meet your paediatrician only when necessary and don’t pressurise him to prescribe an antibiotic.

*TIP: Homoeopathy offers the safest alternative to antibiotics without any side-effects, even for cold and flu.

Final Piece of Advice to Boost Child Immunity

Big changes start with small steps. So, does your child’s health. It begins with these SMALL, yet SMART steps you can take to boost the child’s immunity.

So, what are you waiting for? Note down these steps to boost your child’s immune system and start following them RIGHT NOW!

Boosting your child's immunity drastically reduces the sick days and visits to the doctor. Here are the 10 natural ways to boost immune system in kids without supplements. #MomandMe #childcare

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