Do you want your child to be happy and healthy?

Seems a silly question! Right?

Who doesn’t?

Seeing your child grow tall and physically healthy gives you relief.

But, do you take care of his emotional development as well? Whether he is developing emotionally in a healthier way?




No, I don’t think so.


Because I see every parent engrossed in giving healthy food, best education, and all the comforts of life to their children.

Nothing wrong with it, but these stats recite a different story:

As per WHO, one in four children in the age group of 13-15 years in India suffers from depression. The rate is higher among the urban population than the rural areas. Further, they released the “Mental Health Status of Adolescents in South-East Asia” which reports that India has the highest suicide rate among 10 South-East Asian countries.

That means, despite the best education, healthy food, and all the comforts, our kids are falling prey to depression and other emotional disorders.

So, what is going wrong?

As per the definition of parenting:



Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

But, as far as emotional development is concerned, it’s still very much neglected.

However, the rising trend of emotional disorders is making the parents lay stress on it.

So, let us first understand:

What do you mean by the emotional development of a child?


Is your child emotionally healthy? Learn what you mean by the emotioal development of your child and how to take care of it. #MomandMe #parenting

We all experience two types of emotions in our life.

Love, care, respect, empathy, confidence, self-esteem, etc. are the positive/healthy emotions while fear, anger, sadness, depression, and anxiety are the negative emotions.

The emotional development of a child involves learning and understanding the various emotions and how to deal with them – whether they are yours or others’. Click To Tweet

And the development of this emotional intelligence is crucial.

Imagine, when you don’t know how to stop your crying child? What to do when your husband is upset?

You will be at a great loss, isn’t it?

So, emotional development will help your child to:

  • Differentiate between healthy and negative emotions
  • Deal with his negative emotions
  • Form healthy and long-lasting relationships with people
  • Be a successful human being and enjoy his life

Thus, your child will be able to deal with stressful situations and problematic relationships in a smarter and more beneficial way. You will inculcate in him the skills and confidence to deal with any situation in his life.

Your child will be an emotionally healthy child who:

  • Knows his emotions, what he feels inside and can express it clearly
  • Is also aware of other people’s emotions. For example, he can find out when you are happy or sad by just looking at your facial expressions
  • Can empathise with others
  • Knows the triggering reason behind his emotions
  • Can develop techniques to deal with his strong emotions

And who doesn’t want that!

But you can’t be there for your child every time. He needs to be independent ultimately.

So, you must start early to ingrain this emotional intelligence in your child!

How to take care of the emotional development of a child?

Take these steps for the emotional development of your child.

Control your own emotions


Only an emotionally healthy parent can raise an emotionally healthy child. And that’s self-understood. So, NEVER ignore your own emotional disturbances and REMEDY them as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the signs of abnormal behaviour in a child

Any child who is likely to suffer from an emotional disorder will show certain signs of abnormal behaviour. PAY attention to these signs and get help as early as possible.

Spend quality time with your child

This is what today’s parents are guilty of. Today’s fast-paced life leaves no time to spend with the kids. They are more involved in earning and giving all the comforts to their child.

Well, you can still spend quality time with your kids if you take care of these things.

To SPEND time with your kids:

  • Read a story together before bedtime
  • Watch a movie together. Prefer a movie with a social message
  • Play an indoor or an outdoor game
  • Let your child help you in your household chores

Besides these activities, what’s more important is to ENGAGE in a healthy conversation with your child. ENCOURAGE him to talk freely about his surroundings, his school, his family, and other such things. Make him feel heard and respected about his opinions and feelings.



In this way, you will LEARN what is going on in his mind, CATCH any of his negative feelings, and help him COPE with it early.

Keep social media within limits

Not only you but also the child!

If you wish to spend some quality moments with your child, develop his emotional intelligence, and be happy yourself, this thing is a must.

You might think:

Today’s kids are so engrossed in their mobile phones and social media, it has become an addiction.


But, there’s a solution to it. You just need to work on it.

Don’t be a child-centric parent

“Mere bacche to meri duniya hai”

Don’t you and every parent on this earth feel the same? And what’s wrong in it?



There’s nothing wrong with loving your child unconditionally, but all wrong starts when children become the centre of your whole life. Because that’s when you start pampering them.

Read here: The Effects of Pampering

Don’t shout or yell at your child

Well, how many times do you shout at your child in a day? Does he listen to you?


Maybe or maybe not!

If he listens to you, don’t rejoice. It’s only temporary. You will ultimately instil in him a fear for yourself. And also teach him that it’s OKAY to shout if others don’t give in to your wishes.

And if he doesn’t listen to you, then you are just hurting your throat.

I have tips to get kids to listen to you. Read them here.

Focus on your child’s strength and capabilities

That’s another way of saying “Don’t compare your child with others”. A comparison will instil in him low self-esteem and hatred for others.

He might be a slow learner, less active in sports or don’t have skills which other children have. But, he does have something which no other child has.

So, LAY YOUR ATTENTION on such capabilities of your child and channelize them for his success.

De-stress together

Stress is the part and parcel of today’s life. But, do you prefer staying in stress for long?

No! You always try to search for ways to de-stress yourself.

So, why not for your child? Better to DE-STRESS together!

You can dance to your favourite tunes, draw, play, sing or do yoga together. While doing so, you will also enhance your bonding with your child. And stronger the bond, higher the level of emotional security and emotional intelligence in your child.


Stop focusing on how much marks your child scores, how well he performs in sports or what career will be the best for him. All these things matter but not if your child is not emotionally sound.

Today, parents and schools lay stress on the holistic development of the child. But, it will be incomplete without catering to the child’s emotional development.

So, parents, wake up now!

And before you leave this post, just share it with other parents on social media. It only takes a second to share and contribute to the benefit of today’s kids.

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