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I was blank on what I will write today. Nothing came to my mind. But, I had to; my readers eagerly awaited my next post and I can’t dishearten them.

As I sat down to write, my eyes met the calendar and it lost me in the memories of the past.

10 years ago, on 28th September 2008, something memorable happened. It was the usual morning, and we were all busy in our daily chores. But, we didn’t know something special awaited us.

My sister called us to break the news of her PREGNANCY. It filled joy in the hearts of all our family members. My sis felt like a queen grabbing everyone’s attention and best wishes.

Amongst those wishes were certain pregnancy tips from our granny’s kit; some best tips for pregnant women on how to take care of yourself and the baby.


With advances in technology and medical science, we usually ignore our elder’s pregnancy tips and advice, considering them to be outdated and of no use. Even I did the same (Because I had just passed out of the medical college)

So, I thought of sharing those healthy pregnancy tips with you. And leave the decision upon you whether the grandma was right or wrong.

1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 1: Stay happy throughout your pregnancy to have a cheerful baby.

What medical science says: Mood swings occur in a pregnant lady owing to the hormonal changes in the body, but doctors advise her to stay happy and cheerful all along.

Chronic stress during pregnancy raises the levels of stress hormones in mother’s blood leading to low birth weight babies. All the more, such babies cry more and sleep less after birth.

Contrastingly, staying happy during pregnancy will check the levels of stress hormone and boost your immune system.

Meditation, yoga, listening to music and reading good books are the ways to relax your mind and deliver a healthy baby.


1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 2: Eat what is right for the baby and swallow your taste buds.

What medical science says: Pregnancy is the time when you crave for certain food items more than anything else. On the other hand, ‘morning sickness’ robs you of your appetite. However, the importance of eating a well-balanced diet can’t be undermined.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and omega-3-fatty acids are the essential nutrients required for organ development and proper growth of your baby. Thus, it’s important to eat green vegetables, pulses, fruits, and dairy products during pregnancy and not just pamper your taste buds with your favourite dishes.


1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 3: Don’t just eat and sleep during pregnancy. Be active.

What medical science says: Depending upon your health condition, today’s doctors advise for low impact exercises like walking, yoga, indoor stationary cycling and more.

They help to improve your stamina, build energy for delivering the baby, relieve your backache, and enlighten your mood. In previous times, pregnant ladies were active in cooking and other household chores declining the need for any other exercise.

But, today as we are dependent on machines for all our work, regular exercise has become mandatory. The exercises also strengthen the muscles of the womb and help in the easy delivery of the child.


1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 4: Do not jump, skip or run during pregnancy. Do not lift any weight.

What medical science says: During pregnancy, activities like jumping, skipping, running or lifting a heavy weight must be avoided. This is to ensure proper blood circulation to your womb, avoid any fall and injury, and adequate oxygen supply to your heart and the baby.

Our grannies always had tips and advice for everything in their kitty, inluding pregnancy. See if those preganancy tips from a granny are valid till date. #MomandMe #pregnancy #pregnancytips


1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 5: Do not sleep on your back or the abdomen during pregnancy.

What medical science says: As your abdomen advances through pregnancy, it seems difficult lying on your abdomen. Further, with the growing size of the abdomen, it begins to rest on your bowels and major blood vessels in the abdomen.

This results in a backache, low blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, and poor digestion which are further increased by lying on your back. To ensure proper circulation to your heart and your baby, it is recommended to sleep on the side with a pillow between the legs.


1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 6: Tell all your friends and relatives to leave difficult birth stories behind.

What medical science says: It’s obvious for a pregnant lady to be worried and anxious about her delivery. Baby shower and other functions celebrated to welcome her baby do not seem to calm her anxiety even by a penny.

Plus, the discussion of the problems encountered during delivery by relatives and friends add to her anxiety.

Remember, it’s your pregnancy and you need to take care of yourself by your own. Relax, enjoy your baby shower and tell all the relatives to keep away from their difficult birth stories.


1F475 - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?Tip 7: Do not panic when in labour. Labour is hard but manageable.

What medical science says: During your regular visits to the doctor, he/she will discuss labour, how to diagnose it, when to reach the hospital etc. to calm down your anxiety.

Most women fear the pain they are bound to experience during labour which makes them anxious and lose confidence in delivering the baby. However hard it may seem, but the pain can be easily managed with medications if you do not panic and follow the instructions given by your doctor.

It you get frenzy during labour, it might scare your partner and will negatively influence your body as well as the delivery. Talk to your doctor and the nurses in the hospital about any concerns you have regarding childbirth.


What can I conclude from these pregnancy tips?

Comparing these tips given by the grandmother, I feel she had an experience of many years. So what if the medical science was not advanced at her time, she gained knowledge from her practical experience which is still valid in today’s time. (Hope I had told her when she was alive)

I can conclude that she was right in her perception and knowledge regarding pregnancy and childbirth. What about you?


In the end, I wish to make a request to all the pregnant women! 1F64F - Featured Post: Pregnancy tips for women: Was grandma right or wrong?

Our grannies, nannies, aunts and other elders may be old, their methods may be old. But, their advice and tips for a healthy pregnancy are still valid. So, don’t just neglect them straightaway. Listen to their pregnancy tips, measure their words, and then take an apt decision.


Want to add any more pregnancy tips from your granny’s list? Share with me in the comments below!

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