Your much-awaited post is here. To extend our discussion on how to handle cell phone addiction in today’s kids, I present the solution for the same in this post.


If you remember, I had talked about the parental behaviours that make a child addicted to the cell phone. So, if you take care of such behaviour, you can prevent your child from getting addicted to the cell phone.

And to take care:

Limit your own use of cell phones




Use cell phones and social media only when necessary. Don’t be in the habit to check your phone now and then.

Do not hand over your cell phone to control your child’s tantrums


It seems easy but think of the other ways to control your child’s tantrums.

Spend quality time with your children daily

Quality time doesn’t mean where you make your child sit and do his homework, and you sit beside him chatting on your phone. In this manner, you are physically present with your child, but not mentally or emotionally.

Consider your child’s maturity before you buy him a cell phone





Consider the following before you buy a cell phone for your child:

  • His sense of responsibility. Does he adhere to the rules you set for phone use? Does he inform you before he leaves the house? Will he use texts, videos, and images responsibly?
  • Does your child lose things frequently?
  • His safety whether this requires him to stay in touch with you constantly.
  • Benefits of buying him a cell phone

Sensible parents prefer to buy a cell phone for their child in or after his high school.

But, what should you do if your child is already addicted to cell phones?

Till now, you have tried all the ways to stop your child from the excessive use of the cell phones; Scolding, spanking, snatching away the phone and punishing. You even tried to put a parental lock on your cell phone. However, all these methods failed, isn’t it?

You are not able to stop your child from too much use of these devices.  Plus, frequent scolding and spanking spoil your relationship with him. He doesn’t listen to you anymore.

So, now you say nothing to the child because “Kitna bhi kaho ye sunta kahan hai”, right?

But, being a parent you wish you could handle his cell phone addiction. You talk to the other parents or search on the net for a solution and find one common advice, Make strict rules on the use of the phone in your family.

I have made such rules at my home, but they are of no use. Nobody listens to me.”

If that’s your reaction, you must wonder why? Why are the rules not being followed?

The rules will be followed only when they are made and imposed in the right way.

How to make rules on the use of the phone in your family?

How to break cell phone addiction in kids? It gets easy with these 9 rules. #MomandMe #parenting

Normally, you make the rules and impose them on your child, and expect him to follow it. But, that doesn’t happen. So, follow these tips:

  1. Explain the harmful effects of excessive use of cell phones to your child. Support your explanation with real-life examples if any.
  2. Give them the reasons for making the rules and point towards the harmful effects of the cell phone.
  3. Follow the rules yourself and make it sure other family members follow them too.
  4. Introduce the rules gradually and give time for their acceptance.
  5. Decide the consequences for breaking the rule, and explain them to your child. The consequences must follow for adults as well and not only the child.
  6. Involve the kids to make these rules. Let them decide when they want a screen-free period at home. Kids follow the rules which they make themselves.

Extra tips to break cell phone addiction in kids:

Encourage outdoor activities with your child

Outdoor games must be the part of your child’s daily routine. It will boost his physical health and also keep the cell phone use in a limit.




Strike a conversation with your kids about their interests on social media. Share yours.

It’s the era of technology. So, you can’t keep your kids away from it completely. It’s neither right nor useful for your child. Therefore, spend quality time with your kids, talk about and share each other’s interest in social media.



This shows you appreciate your child’s technological interests instead of just taking away his phone. You won’t have to encroach on his privacy to know what he does on his cell phone.

Such behaviour will open the doors for a frank relationship between both of you and encourage the child to use cell phones with responsibility.

End the child’s screen-time without a struggle



What do you do when your child is busy with his cell phone and now, you want him to put it away?

You either shoot out a warning or give a household work to engross the child. Does that make you happy?  Yes because now your child is away from the phone.

But, what about his cell phone addiction? Does your warning curbs that down as well?

No! Absolutely not! It is human psychology, the more you refrain from a particular thing, more the mind gets attracted towards it. So, more the restrictions you put on the cell phone use, more your child will crave for it.

And this is so because cell phones are hypnotic. They capture your mind and give you a sense of pleasure, which no one wants to end abruptly.

So, whenever your child is busy on his cell phone and you want to end it (for valid reasons like dinner or if he’s been too long on the phone), try this:

  • Sit with him for a minute or two and watch whatever he is doing.
  • Ask a simple question about what is going on the screen. The child will love your attention and give appropriate answers.
  • Now, you have created a bridge between you and your child.  It will help him come back from the virtual world on the screen to the real world with no crisis.

Last, don’t expect these to happen in a day. Keep patience and be consistent in your efforts. They will pay you the fruit you wish.

Are you satisfied with these tips? Know any more? Add them to the list in the comments below!

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