Holi is gone! But, we are left to welcome the most colourful produce of all times, the summer foods. Oh! What a time to stroll in the markets and check out the lovely and healthy summer foods, their colourful look, and refreshing odour!

If you think this article will be about what to eat in summer days, then relax!!!

Let’s change the theme of this article just like the changing season. Today, I will help you convert some unavoidable snacks into delicious and healthy ones so that your kids don’t realise this healthy change and won’t make faces.

Are you looking for some healthy foods and recipes this summer? Well, here are 5 healthy summer food ideas for kids. #MomandMe #food


So, Mommies, gear up! Apart from this summer foods list, you will need a good recipe research to make this summer magical and healthy for your kids.


An all-time favourite snack of any child and once they eat, they can’t stop!

However, the deep-fried potato chips available in the markets contain many harmful carcinogens and trans- fat.



So, why not introduce these healthy alternatives?

You can easily prepare chips at home with less oil using kale, sweet potato, dried apple, zucchini, beetroot, etc. Similarly, you can use veggies to make healthier chips and feed your child with no hassle.

Search online for such recipes. I am sure your kids will enjoy them!


An item which even you can’t resist! The different flavours and their colourful wrappings provide you with an ultimate coolness in this scorching heat.

But, the ice-creams prepared in the factories have unhealthy fats and loads of calories.

Are you ready to feed such unhealthy fats to your child?

If No, freeze fruits like grapes, watermelons, etc. overnight. Use these frozen fruits to prepare sorbets and smoothies. Decorate it the way your child likes. You can also try frozen yoghurts, simple or flavoured which are low in fat and calories. Some yoghurts are available as probiotic which contain the good bacteria and are beneficial for the child’s digestive system.




Every kid loves candies. The two are inseparable. But, don’t they give you a worry of a carious tooth?

Then, satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth with your own trail mix; sweet or salty.



Use nuts like almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sesame seeds, dried dates, and dried apple and mix them into your own snack style.

Nuts are rich in essential minerals and fatty acids. They help to improve the brain function. However, make sure the child doesn’t eat a handful of them at one time. Offer only small portions.

Carbonated Drinks

This is one habit which forms at an early age and is very difficult to remove later. There are many options available in the market, but, we forget how much sugar they contain. The high sugar content in these drinks is the major culprit for the rising obesity amongst children.

Instead, try lemonades and punches that you can easily prepare at home. Watermelon Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, Berry Punch, coconut water etc. are the few examples. You can also prepare sherbets and milkshakes. This way, you can monitor the amount of sugar consumed by the child and also introduce fruits in the coolest way.



Mid-morning and tea time hunger calls for the biscuits and cookies.

But, do you know these biscuits and cookies use trans-fat as a preservative which increases the bad cholesterol in the body?

So, trade this “choti choti bhook” with chaats. Chickpea chaat, sprouts, and corn chaat are examples. Go creative with veggies like the cucumber, tomato, onion, and lemon to add to their taste. You can also pack a small portion in the lunch box if your kid feels hungry before lunch.



These are my simple tips to change this summer season into a healthy season. So, by the time the summer ends, not only will you have a child with healthy eating habits, but also a great self-made Master Chef Mom!!

If you like my tips, hit the like button and share them with other Mommies too! I am sure all of them must be looking for healthy summer foods to give to their kids.

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Dr Vinita Vashist

Hi, I am Dr Vinita, a homoeopathic medical professional and a post-graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition. Intrigued by the role of diet in one’s health, I share my ideas and knowledge on this blog to help parents understand the important nutrients required for their child’s health, which they cannot substitute later in life. It will help you and I understand the basic problem of today’s generation regarding nutrition and how can you inculcate healthy eating habits in your child.

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Dr Shivangi Aggarwal · March 24, 2018 at 5:32 pm

Hi! I completely agree with you doctor that today’s kids make faces on seeing vegetables and fruits. They are always happy to eat junk food, ice-creams, and candies. Your recommendations will definitely guide mothers on how to introduce healthy snacks for their kids without any tantrums from them.

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