A high demand child is one who constantly asks for things. One time he needs this and the other time something else.

If you are a parent of such a child, this question must be ringing in your mind.

“Should I give everything my child wants?  How many of his demands should I fulfil?”

That’s because you know, you can’t fulfill all his demands. It’s really FRUSTRATING. And even if you try to, this will pamper your child.

Pampering spoils the kids…

says every wise parent.

Have a pampered child? Here are the ways to unpamper and handle him.


But, what to do when the child constantly demands things? If you don’t, you face the FIERCEST tantrums from the child. And if you do, you have the risk of spoiling him.

You are stuck between the devil and the deep sea! Isn’t it?


Here’s your rescue. Today, I will give you 5 easy ways to tackle a high demand child.

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1. Inculcate a sense of satisfaction in the child since birth

The child doesn’t place demands all of a sudden. He has developed this habit in years when you have been giving everything to him, irrespective of he needs it or not.

You buy clothes, toys, and other things IN EXCESS OF what your child needs. This makes him feel you can serve him everything he wants, and he is never satisfied with what he has.


What to do: Buy things only which are necessary, even if you can afford them.

To give the best to your child doesn’t mean giving in excess, but giving what is necessary. This helps inculcate a sense of satisfaction in your child since the beginning. Click To Tweet

But, now your child has developed a habit of placing demands every day. What to do now?

The next step is:

2. Differentiate between his want and need

A child doesn’t understand the difference between what he needs and what not. If he sees a new video game with his friend or a new cycle on TV, he will ask for it.

He doesn’t understand this momentary attraction towards things.

But, you are mature to understand the difference between his need and his want. And what you ought to fulfil?

3. Give a valid explanation for “No”

Once you understand what your child demands is not his need and you shouldn’t fulfil it, have the courage to say “No” to your child.

Many parents avoid saying “No” to the child lest he may cry or threaten to harm himself. Remember, crying or threatening by your child is just his way to gain your attention. Don’t get carried away.


You will have a tantrum, but learn to handle that too from these tips.

What to do: Have the courage to say “No” to the child’s illegitimate demands. Also, explain the reason for it.

However, be reasonable when saying “No” and don’t just refuse because the child asked for something.

Explain the importance and use of the things they ask for and let them decide if they need it.

Oh yes! This will need a great deal of patience on your side. So, gear up.1F642 - 5 Easy Ways to Deal with a High Demand Child

4. Divert his mind to other things

If a child demands something you can’t fulfil or don’t wish to, divert his mind to other things he loves. Like read a story together, gift him a box of crayons to paint and draw or engage him in creative activities of his choice.


Keep him occupied with useful and fun activities. This will bring down his habit of asking unecessary things in the future.

5. Spend quality time together

Demanding things every now and then is the child’s tactic to gain your attention. May be you are not spending enough time with him.

And he substitutes parents with the joy of demanding new things for a momentory satisfaction.

What to do: Spend quality time with your children. Play, learn, cook, and have fun activities together. Your child needs you more than anything else.C

Busy life? No time for kids? See how you can spend time with them


Giving everything to a high demand child is NEVER the solution. It will spoil him and he will never learn the value of money.

Tackle the situation with a calm and positive mind. Differentiate between his wants and needs. If the child needs what he asks for, then don’t refuse. Fulfil his needs, not his wants.

And ALWAYS say “No” to his illegitimate demands with a reasonable explanation. Never mind how much tantrums he throws, eventually everything will be OK.

The constant demand of something or the other from kids is enough to drive anyone crazy. Learn the 5 easy ways to deal with a high demand child and get rid of his habit of placing constant demands. #MomandMe #positiveparenting #parentingtips

Have a high demand child? How do you deal with him? Share your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear them.

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