Holi is just around the corner! It’s time to celebrate the festival of colours, but also to take care of the Holi safety tips.

Umm! Let me guess what is crossing your mind right now!

“I will smear my neighbour’s face with gulal this year. I will splash a big bucket of water on my best friend. Oh! I will eat so many gujias, drink bhaang, and have loads of fun.”

Aren’t these a part of your Holi celebrations plan?


But, suddenly a thought strikes your mind. You look at your children. They are much more excited than you are; eagerly waiting to drown someone with a splash of colours. And all your excitement gets replaced with a jillion worries.


Because you want to make sure your kids stay safe. You want them to play a safe and healthy Holi.

You make a list of Holi safety tips. You give your child instructions on what to do and what not. Isn’t it?

As a parent, you take utmost care that your child follows these tips.

But, did you ever find any fault in your own ways of playing Holi?

You give out instructions to your kids, but unknowingly don’t follow them yourself.

So, I compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for the parents. These rules will teach your child the right etiquette or manners to play a safe and healthy Holi; to take care of not only his but others safety as well.


Source: www.globemad.com

And do you know the best part?

He will listen to your safety tips because you will follow them yourself.

So, here are the 5 rules every parent should follow to play a safe Holi:

  1. Smear no one ’s face with colours, especially without his/her permission.
  2. Do not splash out a bucket of water on anyone. When you throw a bucket of coloured water on someone, the colour may enter his ears, mouth, nose or eyes leading to the harmful effects on his body. Plus, you waste a good amount of water.
  3. Do not serve food and snacks while playing Holi with friends and family. In such a case, people will eat with their hands and ingest colours along with the food.
  4. Do not play Holi in a muddy water. How many of you love playing Holi in a muddy water? Feels yuck, right? But, for those who do, it’s time to think about it once again. What will be its consequences on one’s health? What lesson will it teach to your kids?
  5. Wear cotton and full sleeved clothes to stay protected from the harmful effects of Holi colours.


Remember, your Actions Speak Louder than Words. So, don’t indulge in any such habit which you don’t want your child to practice.

Have a Happy, Colourful, and Safe Holi!

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