I dedicate this special Karva Chauth post to all the pregnant ladies out there! I know it’s a difficult time for you all. You go through a lot: the joy of being pregnant, the body changes, unusual food cravings, and the emotional turnovers.

The festival of Karva Chauth offers the biggest dilemma of your life. You have to choose between one: the TRADITION or your BABY.

And if I am not wrong, most women prefer to keep both. Isn’t it?

They want to fast on Karva Chauth and also want the best for their baby.

So, I will help you come out of your fix: whether to fast on Karva Chauth.


Read this tips to decide:

#1 Don’t think it’s just a matter of one day

If you feel you are Super Woman and can stay without a morsel and a drop the whole day, please rest your imaginations. Pregnancy is not the time to show how powerful you are. So, even if it’s a one day fast, think whether you should.

#2 Don’t compare yourself with other ladies

I have seen women comparing with other ladies. But, pregnancy is not one size fits all situation. Everyone has a different body and different stamina. Don’t compare yourself with other ladies. Decide according to your health and stamina.

#3 Consult your gynaecologist

This should be the first thing to do if you wish to fast on Karva Chauth. Your gynaec is the only person who can help in this fix. Depending upon your health condition and your baby’s growth, she can advise you to fast or not. Further, she can recommend how to go about your fast on Karva Chauth.

If you get a green signal to fast on Karva Chauth…

2705 - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women Talk to your mother-in-law

Mothers and mother-in-laws are too adamant over traditions.

But, Karva Chauth fast in pregnancy won’t be like a normal Karva Chauth where you stay hungry and thirsty till moonrise. You can’t take a proper meal, but fruits and milk are allowed. So, talk to your mother-in-law in advance about how you plan to fast this year.


2705 - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women Keep a stock of fresh fruits, milk, and dry fruits at home

You should eat a moderate amount in Sargi. Neither over-eat nor stay hungry. So, keeping a stock of fruits, milk, and dry fruits will ensure you need not rush at the last hour.


2705 - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women Stay hydrated

Keep traditions aside and focus on your baby. Drink plenty of water, coconut water, and fruit juices to prevent dehydration on Karva Chauth.


Should pregnant women fast on karva chauth? Read this tips to decide. Further, if you wish to fast in pregnancy, what are the things to keep in mind. #MomandMe #health

2705 - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women Be active

Don’t we fancy food more when we can’t have it? And pregnancy is the time for many unusual food cravings.

So, engage yourself in household chores or any work of your choice as per the stamina. It will keep your mind distracted from food.


274C - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women Consume too much tea/coffee

Some ladies keep on consuming cups after cups to keep those hunger pangs at bay. But, this is harmful for you and the baby. So, don’t even think about it.


274C - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women Break the fast with high-calorie and fatty foods

When you open your fast after moonrise, don’t take high-calorie and fatty foods immediately. Instead, sip a glass of milk or coconut water before having a proper meal. This saves you from acidity and sudden fullness of stomach.

So, Should you fast or not?

Indian traditions are the heart and soul to all the ladies. And Karva Chauth is one of their favourites.

I am not against the traditions and won’t even advise to abandon them. But, don’t be too harsh on the traditions. Don’t let them cost you your health. Fast, but as per your convenience.

Happy Karva Chauth to all! 1F618 - Karva Chauth Fast: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant women

For Health and nutrition tips during pregnancy:

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