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Guess what’s colourful about SUMMERS?

Yeah! You guessed it right: Yellow, orange, green, and red FRUITS!!

I know you always buy fruits while shopping, but somehow they become a decorative piece in your refrigerator. What’s more; sometimes they don’t even get out of the bag you buy them in.

You always wonder the right time to include fruits in your kid’s routine. 

In the morning, breakfast is important. Mid-day snack is forgotten because of the heavy breakfast. Lunch has its own value. Tea time is no time for fruits and then dinner is all about veggies.

Thus, the fruit rests in peace.

Why? Is it because fruits have no place in our routine or because of our fixed mindset that fruits are not a complete meal?

I agree! Fruits are not a full meal, but you can combine them with almost everything. That’s where their beauty and your innovation lie.

So Mothers, get ready and get fruity!


Today, I will tell you how you can include fruits in your daily schedule and not as an extra meal. 

Because consuming extra meals is such a time-consuming job in your jam-packed schedule. Right?

But first, the basics.

Why should you eat fruits?


You should know the importance of fruits in your life. 

  • Fruits provide you with good amounts of roughage that forms the bulk and prevents constipation. 
  • They are a good source of water you can eat. 
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, they are the natural sweeteners that help to flush out toxins from the body and keep you healthy.
  • They are rich in calories and keep you full. 

Go for fresh fruits for maximum benefits.

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Tips to make kids eat fruits daily

1. Increase the visibility

Start by giving fruits the space they need. 

Buy a colourful fruit basket that can fit on your kitchen counter, centre table or in your refrigerator. Keep the fruits in the basket. That sets a visible reminder for fruits. Click To Tweet

And not just any ordinary fruit basket. You really need something trendy and eye-catching to hold your kid’s attention and compel them to pick up what they store.

That’s because when kept in open, fruits are eaten in the form of snacks to combat small hunger pangs. 

Therefore, I found these fruit baskets on Amazon really worth it.

*Tip: Make it a habit of picking up a fruit every day to pack in the kid’s school lunch. Keeping it in the fruit basket in refrigerator also won’t let them get ignored.

2. Go seasonal

Nowadays, every fruit is available in every season. 

But, out of season fruits do not taste good and are eventually thrown. 

Hence, always pick up fresh, seasonal, easy to find and colourful fruits so they attract everyone’s attention.

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3. Look for variety

Because of globalisation, fruits are now pulped, juiced, canned, dried or frozen. It’s good you want fresh fruits, but you can try these versions, especially when it’s difficult to eat fresh fruits.

All the more, these versions can easily be involved in your cooking.  Try these recipes that include fruits and their nutrition in various forms. 


4. Give first-hand experience

It’s a good habit if your kids eat fruits every day. But like every other habit, this also begins with you.  

When you pick up a fruit from the table, they will also make it a habit to do the same. With one change in your habit, your complete family becomes healthy.


How to eat Fruits in your main course?


Get out of the age-old breakfast recipes like paratha, poha, upma, etc. Time has come when you can try various other recipes and introduce fruits. 

Include raw fresh fruits in morning cereals, oatmeal, smoothies, shakes, pancakes, etc. to give your routine a twist. 


Remember, fruits are not just to pick and eat, you can mix them with other meals too. Choose colourful berries, bananas, and apples to make your breakfast a complete meal.


Make a tangy fresh salad and keep it as a lunch sider to change your taste. 

Remember, in flights, how a fruit salad is kept along with the main course? 


Gather this as a habit. Blueberry and strawberry muffins can be included as a sweet dish in your lunch. Pomegranate in the lemonade can be a good experiment.


Experiment in your dinner recipes with fruits. Adding dates to the pudding and kheer, fruit raita, etc. are some options. Use canned, dried, or pulped fruits to give your dinner a tangy taste. 

Milkshakes are other options to end the dinner meals. Fruit popsicles are the best way for a kid to finish their summer day.


Bonus Tips to make kids eat fruits daily

Fruit Munching

For those small hunger pangs between meals, try dried fruits like apples, raisins, figs, plums, and dates. 


They are low in fats but high in calorie. Better than chips and popcorns, they give instant energy to the kids. They are easy to carry and store and do not get spoiled easily. Kids while studying can keep them nearby.

Decorate your plate

Always wash the fruits before use. You should wash even the square packed fruits before using. 

Cut fruits in different shapes and decorate your plates. That way it looks colourful and delicious to be consumed by the whole family. It’s not necessary to eat the whole fruit. These small gestures done every day give you the daily nutrition you need.


Sample Menu

Try this sample menu to include fruits in your daily routine. 

BreakfastFruit Cereals/Smoothie
Mid-morningSalad/dried fruits
LunchFruit Raita
EveningFruit muffin
DinnerSprout Fruit salad/Fruit custard
Post DinnerFruit milkshake

Finally, how to make kids eat fruits?

Fruits are an integral part of one’s diet. 

They are tasty, healthy, come in various colours, and can be mixed and matched with everything. What else you want? 

So, use these tips to motivate your kids to eat fruits and enjoy this flexible fruit menu in your own style.


So, what’s your fun way to make your kids eat FRUITS? Let me know in the comments!

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