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When your child is sick, even a mild sore throat or a common cold, it disturbs you. And what you expect is to carry him to a paediatrician and walk away with a group of antibiotics drugs.

Isn’t it?

But, what if your doctor tells that antibiotics are just not required?

It will surprise you. Because we all have believed in this since ages: Antibiotics drugs are necessary when you fall sick.

And there’s a reason behind this belief!

Antibiotics drugs have saved human lives and reduced human sufferings since decades. They are known as the ‘miracle drug’.

However, as impressive is their development, so scarier is the problem of ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE. 1F47F - Featured: Antibiotics Drugs: 5 Myths you should Bust about them Right Now!


What is antibiotic resistance?

When a particular antibiotic stops working effectively against the micro-organism (bacteria), it is called antibiotic resistance. Improper use of antibiotics drugs contributes to the problem of antibiotic resistance.


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Antibiotic resistance has raised an alarm worldwide. It impacts life saving treatments such as cancer treatments or organ transplants because they are unable to prevent infections commonly associated with these procedures.

Development of new, stronger antibiotics is also difficult.

Therefore, the ONLY WAY to tackle this problem is the judicious use of antibiotics drugs; to use them only when necessary.

And the issue demands an action not only from the health organisations, but, also from us.

We can use antibiotics drugs with care only when we bust our myths about them.

Here are the 5 common myths about antibiotics and what’s the truth. #AntibioticAwarenessWeek Click To Tweet

Myth 1: It requires antibiotics drugs to treat all infections

Antibiotics are effective in treating only the bacterial and certain fungal infections. Viral infections such as a cold, flu, and sore throat do not respond to the antibiotics.

Therefore, do not tempt to give antibiotics when your child has a cold.

How to treat common cold in child? Read here!



Image: cdc.gov.in


Myth 2: Stop the antibiotics once symptoms get better

Symptoms get better with a few doses of an antibiotic, but do not kill the bacteria completely. The remaining bacteria can mutate and develop a resistance to the antibiotic so that the drug doesn’t work.

So, always complete the course of the antibiotics as directed by your doctor.

Myth 3: I can take antibiotics prescribed for others

The best antibiotic for you depends upon your specific illness and symptoms. What works for others might not work for you or make your symptoms worse.

So, never take antibiotics unless prescribed for you.

Bust the common myths associated with the use of antibiotics drugs and know the reality. #MomandMe #health #childcare

Myth 4: Antibiotics drugs can prevent infections

“If antibiotics can treat, they can prevent infections too! So, I can give antibiotics to my kid and he won’t catch an infection.”

If this is what you think, you are mistaken. Antibiotics when taken without being sick can cause serious side-effects.

Myth 5: Save the left-over antibiotics for future use

Some people pile up the left-over antibiotics for future use, thinking they can take it the next time they fall sick. But, the left-over antibiotic may not work against the latest infection you catch.

Anyhow, any left-over antibiotics show you didn’t complete their course.

Key points to keep in mind for antibiotics drugs

1F511 - Featured: Antibiotics Drugs: 5 Myths you should Bust about them Right Now!Antibiotics are a precious resource that can be lost

1F511 - Featured: Antibiotics Drugs: 5 Myths you should Bust about them Right Now! Misuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance

1F511 - Featured: Antibiotics Drugs: 5 Myths you should Bust about them Right Now!Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem affecting human health

1F511 - Featured: Antibiotics Drugs: 5 Myths you should Bust about them Right Now!Use antibiotics only when necessary and with care.

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