In today’s times, when you have to handle your job and family responsibilities together, time just slips away with the morning alarm. You wake up, and soon it’s time for the office.

In that span of 2 hours, which seem so little, your primary challenge is “What should I pack for my child’s lunchbox?”

And it’s not for a day, but an everyday struggle.


what to pack in my child's lunchbox


“What should I pack for the lunchbox, which is nutritious, remains fresh up till the lunch-time, can be made quickly and easily, and my child will like it?”

You see other parents who are very organised and creative with their child’s lunchbox. They can make a variety of home-cooked food, string in new recipes, and show all their cooking skills in that 10 x 7-inch lunchbox.

This makes you cringe, and you wonder whether you are a good mom or not. Right?

You also search for new recipes and ways to make tasty and healthy food for your child. But, sometimes the challenge is just to get your child out of bed, ready, and to school on time. And you can’t get creative each time, keeping in mind the time constraint.

So, what to do? How to deal with the challenge?

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Make a weekly food chart

Ask your child to help you prepare a weekly menu for the lunchbox. It will show your child that you respect his choices, and so, he learns to make healthy food choices. It further motivates your child to eat healthy food.

Plan a weekly food chart

If you have more than one child, let them discuss among themselves and prepare a weekly menu for you.

Do not infuse everything into your child’s lunchbox 

If you are in the habit of overloading your child’s lunchbox with everything, it’s time to stop that right away. A child needs three meals and two snacks to fulfil his daily nutritional demand. So, don’t make him eat everything in one go.

do not pack everything in child's lunchbox

Do not try new foods in the lunchbox

The school lunch box is not the perfect time to introduce your child to new foods. You can’t guarantee whether your child will eat it or not. Children like to see familiar foods in their lunchbox.

If you want to try anything new, first try it at home. Introduce the item in the lunchbox only if the child develops a liking for it.

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Do not pack stale food

Do not pack the left-over food from the night’s meal into your child’s lunchbox. He will be consuming it roughly after 5 hours of packing it, so there are chances of food getting spoiled and child remaining hungry.

left-over food

Do not pack immediately after cooking

Packing the hot food into the lunchbox increases its chances of getting spoiled. So, let the cooked food cool down for 15-20 minutes before packing it in the lunchbox.

Do not pack large portions of food

Pack food according to your child’s appetite. He will not start eating large portions at school because there is a teacher to check him. Stick to the amount he consumes at home to cut food wastage.

do not pack large portions of food

Taste the food yourself before packing

Make a habit to taste the food yourself before packing it. It ensures that you don’t send food that has excessive salt in it or is too spicy for your child.

Lady tasting the food


What do you think about these rules? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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