Well….. There is no second opinion. Parenting a teenager is hard. Every parent faces one or the other teenage problems. And the internet offers many tips on how to deal with them. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry! I will not give you any parenting tips to add to your confusion.

I will tell you the root cause of all teenage problems. Why is it hard to parent a teenager?


Why parenting a teenager is hard? #MomandMe #parenting #teens


So, are you ready?

Before we move ahead, let me tell you a simple fact!

When your child is young, you accept his ways, ideas, and mistakes. You don’t scold him much for his mistakes; rather explain him in a calm and polite voice.

But, when your child grows into a teen?

Most teenagers see their parents as harsh and insensitive. Probably yours too!

Did you ever wonder why?

“Your lifestyle is bad. Your eating habits are bad. You are worthless. You are always stuck to your phone. And all your friends are bad.”

Aren’t these the common sentences you tell your teenager every day? Worst, you even compare your child with other children or your own teenage years. Don’t you?



In such a way, you reject your teenager the entire day. By rejection I mean you don’t accept his ways of living, eating, and other things. As a parent, you always consider him wrong and unworthy. Your teenager also feels the same way. For him, you, the parent is wrong.



Can you relate to this scenario?

Yes, all of you can!

Is this a “generation gap”? You admit that today’s teenagers are exposed to technology, fashion, food, and other things which were not present at your time. But, you also want to impose your own ways on them. Because a parent shows them the right path to let them grow as healthy and successful adults.

Yeah. I can’t disagree with you!

However, I don’t believe in the concept of a “generation gap”. I agree that the conditions now differ from what they were at your time. But, only conditions differ!

So, who created this gap?

It may sound weird and shocking to you, but is the truth. PARENTS ONLY HAVE CREATED THIS GAP.




Now, a question will run in your minds! How can parents create a generation gap? They work hard to give every comfort to their teenager, even the latest stuff.

Yes, they do. But, they never stop criticizing their teenagers. In return, they also receive the same criticism from teenagers. For parents, a teenager is wrong. For a teenager, the parents are wrong. Both want the other to listen and accept their ways.

Ultimately, this tars your relationship with your teenager creates a gap between you two, and parenting gets hard.


Before you step out to explain your teenager about what is apt for him, accept his ways of thinking and living. He is right from his perspective. Do not impose your own ways of thinking just because you are a parent. Only guide him where he is wrong.



By continuous criticism and rejection, you will create a “generation gap” between yourself. And he may drift so far from you that even your right and valuable advice will fail to affect him.

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kitcheningabout · September 7, 2018 at 9:50 am

Good one!

yogitaamitjoshi · September 7, 2018 at 6:27 pm

Parenting is always a tough job. And when it comes to teenagers its even tougher.. Communication and parenting is the key.. loved your post❤

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