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Should parents scold their child?

A question that strikes a chord in your mind. Especially when GENTLE parenting is the hottest topic of discussion nowadays.

Gentle Parenting is about developing a kinder, more peaceful, and an instinctive approach towards growing our children ~ L.R.Knost

No doubt, Gentle parenting is the right approach towards parenting. Even your mind and heart favours it.

But, what will happen if you stop scolding your child? Won’t that surmount to pampering your child? Won’t he start taking you for granted?

Believe me, I am sailing in the same boat.

I was enjoying a stroll in my society park. Suddenly, my attention was drawn towards two kids fighting at the other end. Few ladies surrounded the kids watching them fight. One of them had slipped off his bicycle. We thought it was a minor accident, but actually, his friend had pushed him out of fun. Thankfully, no one was hurt! But, I overheard the ladies saying something about the child who had pushed this kid. He was never scolded by his parents as he was their only child. Had he been scolded, he would know what is right and wrong. He would not have pushed his peer for fun.

This further gruels my mind over “Should parents scold their child?”

All of you will nod your head in a big YES. And there’s a purpose!

Why do parents scold a child? Only to teach him what is right and what is wrong!

Then, why the confusion?

Because all of us equate SCOLDING with SHOUTING. 1F621 - Should Parents Scold their Child? Not without these 5 Effective Ways!

Parents scold a child to teach him discipline, to make him learn what is right and wrong. But, a scolding where the parents verbally abuse the child, speak in a loud tone or speak bad words to the child, is ineffective. The child never learns what you ought to teach him. And this is proved because the child repeats the same mistakes despite your scolding.

So, Should parents scold their child?

Yes, they should. But there are ways to scold him.

Here are the five ways to scold a child effectively and make him listen to you:


Do not lose your temper. Be calm and patient

If you lose your temper, you will shout or hit the child. In either case, you will elicit a fight or a flight response from the child. The child will either respond by shouting at you or ignore you. And in both the cases, the child will not understand his mistake.

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Moreover, the child may be right in his perspective. He wants to share his feelings and opinions with you. But your shout, thus losing his attention. He may turn to another person to share his feelings who might give him a wrong advice.


Source: https://youtube.com


Talk to the child in a polite, but strong voice. Don’t shout at him

This naturally follows a calm mind. If you stay calm, you will tackle the situation perfectly and quickly, otherwise, you will instil fear or hatred for you by repeatedly shouting at your child.




Explain the reason for stopping him

Parents often scold the child and ask him to stop what he does, but without giving him a valid reason. This leaves the child confused about why you scolded or stopped him. So, always give a reasonable explanation for your scolding. It will help the child realise the righteousness in your statement.


Source: https://www.wikihow.com


Do not use any harsh or abusive language

Mind your words while you talk to your child. Do not use any abusive language that may stir up anger or aggressiveness in your child. After all, the child copies what you say and the way you behave.

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Source: https://ispygoddotnet.com


Don’t hit the child

Slapping or hitting the child to teach him discipline is a strict no-no. It will either make the child fearful or even more obstinate.


Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com


Should Parents Scold their Child: Take Away Message

There is no second opinion to “Should parents scold their child?”

You should.

But, before you scold him, take a moment to think, is the child really wrong? Or you are just venting out your pent-up frustration on him.

Secondly, always remember!



Have any other views to share about scolding your child? Please quote them in the comments below.

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