If you ask any parent about his biggest parenting challenge, you only get the reply, “I don’t have enough time to spend with my kids.”

In the daily hustle and bustle of today’s life, time just flies like the wind, leaving every parent with a feeling of guilt; the guilt of not able to spend quality time with their kids.

This is more problematic in today’s homes where both the parents are working. And given the cost inflation, this has become the need of the hour.

However, don’t be upset! Here, I will give you few simple tactics to use in daily life and spend quality time with your kids, even when you are busy.

So, let’s learn them quickly!

Handle your mobile phone addiction first


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While at home, just forget that you carry a mobile phone. Don’t be in the habit of checking your phone every now and then.

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Plan your day’s schedule in advance


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Maintain a dairy where you note down all the important activities for the day, including the “Time with Kids”. This helps you sort out unimportant activities and keeps you on track, thus saving your time to spend with the kids.

Plan a fun-filled activity for the weekend

You are able to spend very little time with your kids on weekdays. But, that’s OK till you are interactive and listen to what your kids have to say. The quality of time is always important than the quantity.

However, you can plan for fun-filled activities that you and your kids can do together on the weekends. So, keep your weekends free for your kids.

Worried how to spend time with your kids in this busy life? Learn the simple tactics to spend quality time with your kids even when you are busy. #MomandMe #parenting


Don’t carry your office work to home


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Parents work like donkeys every day only to give their child a brighter and secured future. But, if you think your office can’t run without you, you are mistaken.

The office can hire another employee, but your kid can’t have another parent.

So, limit your office work to the office only. Do not carry its burden to the home where your kids wait to spend time with you.


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