Yes, Dear Moms! Its back; the time of the year which your kids await eagerly, the summer vacation! A time for kids to relax and have fun, but poor moms can’t!

With kids at home full of energy and enthusiasm to enjoy their school holidays where can Moms find rest and relaxation? They always think, “Isse accha to school hi Chala jata”

Does that sound like you?

Yeah!  This is so because kids spend their summer vacations by playing around and watching TV. In the little left-over time, they have to finish the holiday homework.

However, you want your kids to spend their summer vacations productively. Besides homework and playing, they must learn something useful, isn’t it?

So, here are my top picks of the productive things your kids can do on summer vacation:



On hearing the term “abacus”, this comes to your mind:



As a calculating system, it improves your child’s mathematics. But, there is something interesting for you…

Scientific researchers list more benefits of abacus for your child:

  • Better development of brain cells
  • Improved ability to visualise objects
  • Increased concentration
  • Advancement in logical thinking and reasoning
  • Photographic memory

And you always want these benefits for your child!

Vedic Maths

Does your child struggle to solve his Mathematics equations? Does he hate Maths?

Rejoice, Maths will be his favourite subject now and he will solve all equations in seconds. All thanks to Vedic Maths, the ancient system of Indian Mathematics that comprises specific formulas to solve Maths problems quickly and easily.



Cyber Security

Today you struggle to deal with the rising phone addiction among your kids. In such a scenario, the recent reports about data breach on Facebook are enough to send you a shock. Further, the kids are adamant and won’t listen to you!

Relax! You don’t have to do much. Just admit your child to the Cyber Security classes nearby. Accompany your kid to these classes.



They will teach the kids how to safely use the internet and social media. Kids also learn to handle mobile phones and use social media with increased responsibility without falling prey to cyberbullying and other such incidents.

The best part, it will also control their cell phone addiction.

Communication skills development

The ability to communicate your ideas effectively is an essential skill in today’s world. Your success in any field depends on how well you communicate with others. Whether it’s a school oral examination or a job interview, you can crack it if you can speak clearly and with confidence.

But, this confidence doesn’t come easily to everyone! So, why not prepare your child for the future right now?



Communication skills development will polish and refine your child’s ability to convey his ideas in a more clear, confident, and comprehensive way.


If you feel Yoga is only for fat and unhealthy people, you must give this a thorough read!

Today’s kids live in a hurry-up world with busy parents, complex school lessons, peer pressure, school pressure, video games, etc. These influences rarely seem stressful for the kids, but they are. Yoga helps to counteract these pressures.



If you want your kids to:

  • Have a healthy body
  • Build concentration
  • Live a stress-free life full of fulfilment and enthusiasm
  • Have self-confidence and positive self-image
  • Engage in a fun activity alternative to playing mobile games

….then you must consider yoga classes for them.

Here’s the best deal:

The above activities can be continued well beyond the summer vacations along with your kids’ schooling.

So, if you are puzzled how to spend your kid’s summer vacation in a productive way, this list is what you need. However, don’t just drag your kids into these activities. If they are interested in something else, let them do it.

Because what’s important is doing something productive and not sitting idle!

So, what’s your way of spending summer vacation productively? Share them in the comments below or choose one from the list above. And Yes, please don’t forget to share these ideas with other moms on social media; they are waiting too!

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