TECHNOLOGY has given us so many gifts.

Smartphones are just one of them. What you can’t do on phone now?
Call, chat, Google search, play games, book a cab, book an air ticket! And much more.

That’s why phones are now called smartphones!

Earlier people wrote letters or used landline phones to stay in touch with their friends and relatives. But, with smartphones, communication has now become so easy.

However, are these smartphones spoiling your parent child relationship?


To answer this….

Let’s see the ways modern-day parents use ther smartphones:

1. Playing a lullaby

Do you remember the famous lullaby of your childhood? Can you sing it for your child now?

No, because now you prefer to play lullabies on your phone and don’t want to work hard yourself!


Ever realized what a lullaby does to your baby?

It not only calms him down or makes him sleep, but does other things too!

  • Promotes mother-child bonding
  • Relaxes the mother
  • Helps in the language development of your child

2.Posting the child’s pics on social media in excess

A baby’s first word or his first steps are the moments of joy and pride for any parent. Even the baby’s first bath!

You eagerly wait for these moments. And surely it’s a great way for grandparents and others in the family to keep up with the baby’s development.

A recent US study found that 63% of the moms use Facebook; of these, 97% post pictures of their child; 89% post status updates and 46% post videos.

Nothing wrong with posting your child’s pics on social media.

But, very soon you become a part of the rat race. A race amongst parents to immediately update their status with their child’s pics.

THE RESULT: In the hoard of posting the best pics, the parents forget to enjoy the moments of their child’s growth; one which will never return.

3.Spending more time on phones rather than with kids

Yes, I know you need a “Me time”

Every parent wants so where they can spend some time chatting or watching interesting videos on social media.


But, when you are hooked to your phones for the major part of the day, your children feel left out and ignored. You have less time to interact and and spend with kids.

You can imagine the parent child relationship you will share then.

4. Controlling child’s tantrums

Uff! How many times I have seen parents hand over a phone to stop the crying child!

Yes, yes, I know how difficult it is to control the toddler tantrums of today. That’s why I wrote a post here.

But, is it feasible to hand over a phone for controlling the tantrums?

What message it gives to your child?

  • You are incapable of controlling your child’s emotions (Sorry for being harsh, but that’s the truth!)
  • He can ALWAYS have your phone by crying and throwing tantrums

And both these things are neither healthy for your child, nor the parent child relationship.

So, should you stop using smartphones?

NO. I use one myself!

It’s not the smartphone that’s the culprit. Not the technology. But the way we use it.

If you have to blame, blame it upon yourself, not the technology for a bad parent child relationship.

So, if you are serious about bringing up a healthy generation of kids, serious about developing a healthy parent child relationship, take a pledge.

Pledge to limit your dependence on smartphones!

Pledge to cut down your screen time and spend quality time with your kids! 

Then only you can expect a good bonding with your child.

Are you using your smartphones smartly? OR are they spoiling your parent child relationship? Learn the mistakes parents make with their smartphones that can spoil their beautiful parent child relationship. Once you pledge to stop these mistakes, you will connect better with your child and cherish a strong bond. #MomandMe #parenting

What’s your thoughts on technology and parent child relationship? Share with me in the comments below!

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Dr Shivangi Aggarwal

Hi. I am Dr Shivangi Aggarwal, Founder, Mom and Me, practicing as a homoeopathic consultant for child diseases since 10 years. Raising a physically and emotionally healthy child is no less than a challenge today as it is encountered by many hurdles. "Mom and Me" holds your hand to overcome these challenges in the most practical way and give your child a future he will love.


Mahesh Anand · November 12, 2017 at 4:41 pm

Well said DrShivangi. It’s the parents who are the real culprits in this issue. Parents should be a model for their kids.

    Dr. Shivangi · November 13, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Thanks, Mahesh. In this world of technology, parents have to be more vigilant about what they say and do.

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