Toddlers are UNPREDICTABLE. They go out of sight in a jiffy, especially when busy buying your favourite item at the store.

That makes toddler safety a big CAUSE OF CONCERN when you step out with him.

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The soution lies in a toddler harness.

If your toddler is very impulsive, and you worry a lot about his safety outdoors, check these toddler harnesses (child leash) available online.

However, talking about child leashes is very CONTROVERSIAL. Parents are either strongly for or strongly against it.

That’s because they contemplate CHILD LEASH to look something like a DOG LEASH. And they are not wrong. Some child leashes do look like that.

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Therefore, I am ABSOLUTELY NEUTRAL regarding the use of TODDLER HARNESS. I leave the decision to use or not upon you, depending on your child’s behaviour and family conditions.

If you don’t support a toddler harness, here are some alternatives to a child leash to keep your toddler safe while outdoors.

In case you choose to leash, you must know how to choose one that fits your needs. And that’s what I will guide you in this post.


But, first understand…..

Why you Need a Toddler Harness?

Before you get swayed on the side of using a child harness, you must have a valid reason.

I am not saying a child leash is bad but you don’t want to use it for wrong reasons or because everyone is using it.



So, ask yourself the following questions before deciding to use a toddler harness:

  • Does your toddler dashes away from you the second you put him down on the ground?
  • Is your child incredibly impulsive?
  • Does your child suffers from autism or ADHD?
  • Do you have many young children and cannot keep your eye on all of them?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, a child safety harness is an ideal choice for you.

Word of caution: Your toddler is yet to master balance. When he runs and hits the end of the leash, he can easily tumble to the ground. Therefore, you must teach your child how to behave while inside the harness.

Different types of Toddler Harness

Let’s take a close look at the different types of toddler harness available to you:

1. Safety Harness Child Leash

That’s the most simple of child leashes. It has a harness loop over the shoulders and an adjustable clip that fits around the child’s chest. The leash is attached to the back of the harness.


Pros: Quite inexpensive and easily available online.

Cons: However, the design of the harness makes it look like a pet leash. It gives you a feeling that you are walking with your dog rather than your toddler. Plus, the caution of harness detailed above.

2.Backpack Safety Harness Child Leash

A backpack harness works similar to that of a standard safety harness except that it looks like a backpack.

Clips are attached to the front of the backpack straps that lock your child into the harness. A removable strap leash is tethered to the back of the backpack with the other end free to hold it in your hands.



  • Since it resembles a backpack, it’s a lot easier to get your toddler into the harness.
  • They are available in kid-friendly designs like puppy, lion, etc.
  • You can use this backpack as a harness as well as a bag to carry small stuff like house keys, wallet, etc.
  • You can remove the leash when required and use it as your toddler’s tiny little bag.

Cons: Not something I know of.

3. Child Wrist Leash

That’s an absolute NO from my side. I would never recommend a wrist leash.


Because it will do more harm than good.

  • With a safety harness, your toddler’s arms are free and he can swing them back and forth as he walks. That’s not the case with the wrist leash. It restricts your child’s arm movements while walking.
  • If you need to pull your toddler back from a danger zone, you risk dislocating his wrist, elbow, or shoulder with the wrist leash. Whereas it is easy with the harness as the force gets distributed across a larger surface area.
  • A safety harness sits on the top of your child’s clothes while the wrist leash is on the child’s skin. Constant rubbing from the leash can be irritating and lead to a full blown rash.

If you are still in favour of a wrist leash, I would recommend using a WALKING HANDLE instead.


A walking handle is similar to the handles dangling from the roof of the train but is longer. Your child holds the handle of the leash and is only allowed to wander as far as the leash extends.

Walking handles are generally suitable for children over 2 years of age. It allows your little one to have more independence while being safe.

The Best Toddler Harness For Child’s Safety

Here are some of the top toddler harnesses that outshine the low quality ones:

Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper Economy Leash

If you are looking for some decent harness at a cheap price, the Kid Keeper should be your first option. You can easily get one for less than $10. Check out below on Amazon.

However, the low price is not a compromise on quality. The harness sits over your child’s upper chest and does not dig into the stomach area (lots of sensitive organs there).

Moreover, the shoulder straps are padded to prevent them from digging in and can be adjusted from 14” to 25.5”.

What’s more?

  • The harness is machine washable
  • Comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers claim that you can use this harness as a portable high chair as well but I am not very sure on that aspect.

Plus, the design of the harness is not very appealing. So, I don’t know how difficult it might be to get your toddler into it.

GoldBug Safety Harness

GoldBug claims that the harness functions as both a harness and a backpack, though the “backpack” section is nothing more than a small pocket to hold your keys.

However, the most positive point about this harness is availability in lots of different animal designs like lion, butterfly, hedgehog, puppy, and monkey.

These designs are more appealing to your child and he is more likely to wear it without complaining. Moreover, the safety strap can be tethered and detached easily from the bottom of the animal and chest buckles adjust to the growing child.

Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack

This child leash doesn’t come in cute animal designs but is plain and looks like a regular backpack.

However, it has more number of pockets, and thus, more storage capacity. One mesh pocket in front and two small on the sides gives a lot of space to carry small stuff. But this is not just a great backpack. It’s also a great child leash.

The focus of this backpack leash is COMFORT. The adjustable straps and the back panel of the bag are padded. So, even if you place something pointed inside the bags compartment, your toddler probably wouldn’t feel it poke into his back.

The tether is removable with a swivel clip that keeps it from strangling. It also has an elastic “shock absorber” sewn in. That means if your toddler stumbles or runs into traffic and you suddenly pull him back, the unexpected shock effect will be very much reduced.

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness

Somewhat similar to the By-My-Side toddler harness, it is available in 6 fun animal designs.

When you run your hands over this backpack leash, the first thing that strikes you is its quality build; durable material, tight stitching, and super smooth zipper.

Thus, you can use it as a backpack long after your child has outgrown the need to be leashed.

Conclusion on Toddler Harness

No doubt, a toddler harness is an EXCELLENT safety device for your toddler.


Don’t use it as a substitute for teaching your child safe practices.

Even though a toddler harness seems the easiest and quickest solution to your toddler safety, help him develop responsible safety skills that will last a lifetime.

And once again, I am not saying that child leashes are right or wrong. But, I want you to weigh your situation and then decide rather than following the crowd.

And if you really struggle to keep your toddler safe when strolling outdoors, choose any of these harnesses for your toddler’s safety:

Kid Keeper Economy Leash

GoldBug Safety Harness

Brica Backpack Harness

Skip Hop Safety Harness


Have any more questions about toddler harness? Drop them in the comments and I will answer them as far as I can!

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